Believe in

Leap’s studio operates, jammily, near the sea in Cornwall. And we create things we believe in. Because when you think about it,  you wonder what it would be like not to. And we decided not believing in what you do must be dismal beyond words. We believe what we do needs to make change for good; every time, actually.

We work with tiny start up social enterprises and global disaster relief charities. We work with micro breweries and huge national e-commerce empires. We work with big established tourism enterprises and one person entrepreneurs and their warm and wriggling just-hatching life-changing ideas of genius. And every time, we make work that makes change. Change for our client; and then a bit more.

Because we put the cherry on your design cake: we’ve got the green stuff covered. It’s part of what we do; central to what we believe in. So you don’t need to worry about it; we’ve made it so that every piece of beautiful work we craft also puts good stuff straight back into the local economy, our local  communities, and the eye-wateringly gorgeous natural environment we get to work out of and play in. Brilliant Design and a Much Better Place are the same thing, in our book.

We’ve got more awards for design than you can shake a beautifully designed stick at. And we get them the Good Way. Which means we also end up with a whole wall of awards for the green and people stuff, too. That’s what we mean by making change for good: working to make sure you, and the world around us, come out with a profit.

That’s what we believe in.

Come and talk to us; or just grab a beer and talk shop. email or call us or even pop in and see us. We like surprises.

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