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Leap has always strived to show how design can be a catalyst for environmental and social change on all levels across all sectors, local to global.

After all, 80 per cent of environmental impact is determined at the design stage.

Leap’s ambition is to transform the way design is perceived and used; driving grass roots change in decision-making, community involvement, production processes and creating meaningful work.

Leap is committed to a low carbon, responsible future through creative and collective endeavour.

Becoming a B Corp feels to us like joining a community of like-minded positive deviants doing business for good and creating positive futures while sharing how it is being done. We believe this is how all businesses should be.

Find out more or certify your own business: www.bcorporation.net

Leap has been a certified BCorp since 2016. BCorp is a global non-profit movement promoting a force for good to solve social or environmental problems. The BCorp vision is that companies will one day not only become the best in the world at what they do but also be the best for the world.

Matt, can you tell me a little bit about what your business does?

Leap is a Cornwall based design studio, founded in October 2004. We create thoughtful design solutions that exceed expectations to triple bottom line standards including branding, design for print, website design and build, illustration and exhibitions. We also offer eco web hosting and we insist on materials and systems that protect and benefit the environment.

Why did you decide to put Leap forward to become a certified B-Corp?

I’d been following the US studio, Freerange, since they produced the award-winning ‘Story of Stuff’ film – I loved it so much and I saw they were a BCorp. Not knowing what a BCorp was, I looked into it and discovered it was heavily US based at the time, this was in 2008. Over the years I kept following BCorp until I saw they’d entered the UK and so I put Leap forwards for the accreditation. I did this as it gave me the learning I desired to be a ‘business for good’.

It’s not about being the best it’s about sharing, being part of a movement and being accountable to ourselves and our progression as a business that’s now in its 13th year.

What benefits does being BCorp bring to Leap?

1) A cost-effective way to measure Leaps environmental and social impact.

2) Legacy. We can see our reports going back year on year and the improvements and changes we have made.

3) Having a certification – it’s something that we’re proud to showcase on our website and marketing materials.

4) Access to a global business community that shares knowledge.

5) As a certified BCorp we have access to the BHive platform. BHive allows us to post questions and utilise a marketplace.

6) BCorps are very social! There are regular meets in the UK, globally and via webinars as well as retreats and the ‘Best for the World’ gathering (of which Leap was one of 156 businesses in the world awarded for ‘Best for the World Workers’ in 2017).

7) An opportunity to work/partner with like-minded individuals and organisations around the world.

8) Employee engagement.

What benefits does being a BCorp bring to your customers?

I feel for certain it’s the clarification that we are doing things right, that we aren’t just a profit-driven organisation. BCorp shows the level, detail, and transparency that we go to be a ‘business for good’.

Do you have any tips on how businesses can shift their business approach to becoming more purposeful & how this might encourage new clients?

Do the B Impact assessment, don’t worry where you score, just do it and see where you score, it’s free until you certify so use the tool, learn, share and celebrate. You don’t have to do everything at once. We’ve concentrated on our team as we want a sustainable, long-term invested team.

Leap focused on environment and creativity first then worked on the team. Never think you aren’t good enough or it’s too late to start. Now is a perfect time, you will surprise yourself. I find that so many businesses are already doing brilliant things but don’t realise it because it’s such a natural part of the way they work.

Remember, business is not just about profit level. People and planet and sustainability are so important, think long-term and not a quick fix and whether you’re part of a growing global community like BCorp, or a Social Enterprise or another form of business that ‘does good’ or just deciding this is the way to work, something needs to be done. We have one planet and a healthy planet equals a healthy population.

In our next blog, we’ll be hearing from Gill Pipkin Consulting who has recently applied to become a BCorp & her journey to becoming one.

“People, Planet, Profit” is a ground-breaking Event hosted by Unlocking Potential for Cornish businesses in the inimitable and revolutionary setting of the Eden Project. It’s an unmissable chance for you to grasp the opportunities and benefits that come from being a responsible organisation in 2018.

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