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Leap being what it is, we try and split our doe-eyed gaze between you (the client) and the environment (the emissions we kick out). So though we prize face-to-face above other contact, we plan it carefully and keep the mileage minimal (we’ve an annual carbon budget).

If we can’t use bus, train or bike (and let’s face it, we can’t always) we try and arrange a few meetings at once, see a few people while we’re out and about. Kill a few birds with one stone, as it were.

(Not that you’re birds. And not that we have any stones, obviously).

Sorry. What were we saying?

Just this: be lovely to see you, face to face, online, or over the phone.

Here's our favorite analogy when it comes to budgets: it's like if you're going to a dealership to buy a car. The first thing you'd tell them is whether you’re in the market for an old used banger, a brand new sports car, or somewhere in between. You wouldn't just say "how much does a car cost?"

It's the same situation here. If we know approximately how much you're hoping to spend, we can (hopefully) come up with a strategy that fits your budget.

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