At Leap we are having our first forays into 3D printing currently, as we trial concepts for the 2015 Cornwall Sustainability Awards trophies that we are making with Ecotrophies. I love this technology but it does make me nervous and 3DKernow who have put this week long event on have been an excellent partner in skills and knowledge so I’d highly recommend attending this event if time allows. It’s also brilliant to see showcase weeks like this happening within Cornwall bringing down leading businesses within this ever emerging sector.

For Leap we’ve pushed our own eco boundaries as usual with 3DKernow and we have sourced recycled filament for made for the likes of recycled remote controls and similar ABS plastic that would have normally gone into landfill. Two months to go and it will be time to give out those trophies to the award winners.


Saturday 19th through Saturday 26th (excepting Sunday and Monday) – 10am – 5p

Location: The Poly, 24 Church Street, Falmouth, TR11 3EG

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Key Points

  • Demonstration of 3D Printing involving Carbon Fibre and Kevlar – Thur/Fri 24-25th
  • Workshop: 3D Printing for Cornwall: Recent Experiences and ideas for the future – Wed 23rd 5 – 6.30pm. I will be joined by the vastly experienced Steve Cox
  • Throughout the week Piran Angove and I will be demonstrating on our two machines. Also displaying a substantial library of objects we have printed since June
  • We will also be offering cheap 2 hour “taster” printouts of designs of your choice. First-Come First-Served
  • For longer prints, we can now offer a commercial service through 3D Hubs


The Carbon Fibre and Kevlar Experience – Thur/Fri 24-25th

Creat3D will be displaying the MarkForged Mark One Composite 3D Printer which seems to be the most promising reasonably-priced machine which brings Carbon Fibre and Kevlar into the 3D Printing experience

They will be running one of these machines throughout the two days, and will also be willing to set aside specific times to talk through your needs

For further information or to arrange a free consultation, contact: Simon Chandler Sabina Gonzalez-George


Workshop: 3D Printing for Cornwall: Recent Experiences and ideas for the future – Wed 23rd 5 – 6.30pm

I will be summarising our experiences in printing over the last three months and will throw out thoughts about how others could be coming on board as well
Steve Cox, who is the vastly experienced consultant who advised us in early June, will talk about the projects he has been involved with

One of these was a print-out for Falmouth-based Seatricity which allowed them to trial their wave-powered technology in a full-scale Wave Tank

I hope to add a couple of other experienced panelists from elsewhere around Falmouth/Penryn
Details of this event and how to book will go up on the Poly website later on today (


Printer displays and the 3Doodler (daily)

3D Kernow now has a substantial and varied library of objects we have printed out over the last three months.

These vary from the trivial, through the moderately artistic to objects which show the engineering potential (once one can print in tougher materials)

For kids, we have a 3Doodler, which allows them to “draw” three-dimensional structures in plastic
You will be able to see our Ultimaker printers at work: we will be happy to discuss our printing experiences.


Two-hour “taster” prints

To demonstrate the potential of 3D printing, we are happy to make this introductory offer

for £10 (plus any postage) we will print a 3D design of your choice, having scaled it up or down in size so that it takes 2 hours to print.
The design could be one of your own (It must be in STL format)
or you can find an existing online design that you like via sites like Thingiverse

We will take these commissions on a strictly first-come first-served basis

Aiming to get all commissions completed by the second Saturday (the 26th)

Fuller details will be available when you visit us or on application to

Finally, remember that we can now take commercial 3D Printing commissions through 3D Hubs

Go to
We are Cornwall’s first commercial 3D Printing hub. Please pass the word around


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