So the thing about believing in…this is what we mean.

At Leap, design is our day to day work, but our minds are always on the future. So where our money is, and what it does there, counts, which means we only bank with The Cooperative and Triodos.

We invest in good, green energy. That means putting our own money in renewables from the big stuff like Triodos Renewables , to the smaller community stuff like WestMill Windfram Cooperative and even more locally, Community Power Cornwall where Leap is both an investor, and our director Matt Hocking is a non-executive director. He doesn’t do stuff by halves.

We invest time in good things. We gift over 100 studio hours –  equating to 3% of our turnover – per year,  towards environmental and social entrepreneurial projects. We see this as just enlightened self interest.

And we invest in good ideas. One of our favourites is supporting Kickstarter and Crowdfunder campaigns, as both an individual project investor, and an investor in Crowdcube as a crowdsourced shareholder. Let a million flowers bloom.

With Kickstarter we helped a House of Fairytales create more magic, supported a mini museum show the history of our world, diced with food, been part of the Field Guide to Human Centered Design, launched a spacecraft with a solar sail, became part of Tony Plant’s temporary and beautiful beach art, captured solar to help the thousands still living in tents in Haiti, recorded 1 Second Everyday and gave a leg up to Mine Kafon  , ramping up global awareness of the issues surrounding landmines throughout the world. Right now we’re using Kiva to beef up the work of women leading work co-operatives.

It’s not so hard so believe in good stuff when there’s that much out there.

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