Another achievement for the Leap studio!


It’s been exactly a week since we took home the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award at the Western Morning News Business Awards 2018.

This year has been a real triumph for the Leap studio, in total we have received two credible awards that run inline with our core values and have achieved B Corporation Best For The World status (twice!), once under the workers category and the other for the newly established changemakers.

From the studio as a whole, we couldn’t be happier with our big win at last weeks Western Morning News Business Awards, it’s always such a humbling feeling being recognised for our commitment in doing good for people & planet.

“We’re really chuffed that we were recognised at the awards last week, it does mean a lot to us and to be sitting alongside our fellow nominees was a great reflection of how far we’ve come”

As a certified B Corporation business, the CSR award cements our belief in using our business as a force for good and is a true testament to the hard-earned work our studio puts into creating a business that makes for positive environmental and social change.

We would very much like to thank Western Morning News for hosting such an inspiring event celebrating success across the South West, as well as Foot Anstey for sponsoring the important CSR category.

What’s next on Leap’s list?

Here’s what we had to say when asked by Devon Live what our next big plans were after our win…

“So the next big thing for Leap is to push our B Corporation status, which would help us achieve our 20% growth year on year plans. We’re expanding our services, moving office and recruiting new team members to allow us to work globally with other purpose-driven organisations.

We’re now starting to realise the benefits of working with clients who hold similar values. It feels like this year has seen a real shift of people wanting to change the way they do business. In fact, we’re already talking to businesses with a combined turnover of 300 million in Cornwall that want to make that change.”

For more information on how we make a difference here at our B Corporation accredited design studio for change, visit our what we do / what we believe in section of our carbon neutrally hosted website or alternatively contact us direct.


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