Jammily based in Cornwall means we are lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the UK’s most naturally stunning scenery. With a selection of sandy beaches and idyllic coastal walks at our fingertips, it’s no wonder Cornwall remains one of the most popular hotspots for tourists to visit every year.

But who are the people working behind the scenes keeping Cornwall the coastal haven we know and love?

Intrigued to learn more, we ventured over to the Heartlands in Redruth to join the CoaST Project in celebrating and raising awareness to our local heroes who selflessly dedicate their personal time to improving the welfare of our beloved county.

Welcoming a mixture of individuals already taking action and those stuck on where to start, the day provided an opportunity for purpose led talks and open space discussions around the impact of the vital work being carried out in Cornwall and a means to explore small actions that generate big differences.

Is Plastic Fantastic?

Plastic pollution, a key topic of discussion, is a global problem that all Cornish beaches have felt the consequences of. Every day approximately 8 million tonnes of plastic finds its way into our oceans, and by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.

Spreading awareness to the room, The Cornish Wildlife Trust – protectors of Cornish lands, seas and wildlife – shared a glimpse of a recent project the Trust were invited to be apart of, a snippet of the upcoming film ‘COALESCE’, produced and directed by Falmouth University student Vinny Stelzer. Highlighting the beauty and fragility of our oceans and Cornish coastlines, the three and a half minute trailer identifies the threat of plastic pollution in Cornwall and how locals are joining forces to combat the likes of marine littering.

*COALESCE is a self-funded project by Vinny Stelzer, Marine & Natural History Photography Student at Falmouth University.*

Cornwall’s Local Heroes

From organised beach cleans to helping the homeless, we heard inspirational stories from the amazing Cornish change makers, who work around the clock to ensure Cornwall is leading the way as the champions of change.

Rachel Yates | SAS Regional Rep | Plastic Free Penzance

Never underestimate the power of community spirit. Proven by the likes of Plastic Free Penzance and Plastic Free Newquay who work in partnership with their local communities and businesses to one day achieve plastic free status in their local area.

Pat Smith | The Final Straw

Simple ideas can have a huge impact. Take the Final Straw for example, founded by the formidable Pat Smith (Action Nan as referred to on Twitter) whose campaign to banish plastic straws and single use plastics and has helped over 80 Cornish businesses (and rising) ditch the plastic straws to support Cornwall’s anti-plastic movement.

Esmé Page | Cornwall Hugs Grenfell

Helping those in their time of need, Founder of Cornwall Hugs Grenfell Esmé Page invites Grenfell Tower survivors, firefighters and close neighbours to retreat to the Cornish seaside with the purpose to heal and reconnect. Supported by local businesses and generous individuals, the people-focused project offers free accommodation, activities and therapies to help those recovering from traumatic experiences.

Not forgetting the amazing eco-warriors over at:

Refill Cornwall
Beach Guardian
National Trust
The Environment Agency SW
Bude Cleaner Seas Project
Cornwall a Million Acts of Sanctuary
Cornwall Refugee Resettlement Network

Why not get in touch with our local heroes and find out how you can take action, because In the words of CoaST leader Manda Brookman, ‘Enough of accepting the things we cannot change. Time to change the things we can no longer accept’.



– Imogen

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