Did you know that is takes up to 28% more energy to create virgin paper than it does recycled paper.


As a sustainable creative studio, we are fortunate enough to collaborate with a variety of clients passionate about creating projects with a difference, be it for print or the web.

For print collabs, our clients can be rest assured that their business cards, campaign posters, sales brochures – whatever the material – are all designed and sustainably printed on FSC certified recycled paper.


Why is this important?

Forests support up to 1.6 billion of the poorest people in the world. Sixty million indigenous people and countless species of plants and animals are wholly dependent on forests for their lives.

Demand for forests products, such as timber and paper, continues to grow, putting increasing pressure on the world’s forest.


What does FSC stand for?

‘FSC’ stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an organisation that works to promote the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide.

The Forest Stewardship Council certification gives customers the option to choose forest products, like paper and wood, that have been sourced in a eco-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable.


Why recycled paper is better…

Recycling paper and wood products not only makes the best use of the yield of the tree (by extending the life span of its fibres), it also reduces the amount of waste going to landfill sites. The use of FSC recycled paper and timber can help to alleviate the pressure of demand on sources of virgin materials, thereby helping to protects the world’s forest’s.

By giving the forest economic value, FSC certification can help to ensure its future, are through responsible management, the wildlife and people who depend on the forest can thrive. Using FSC certified pulp and timber helps to ensure that the use of virgin materials does not damage the world’s forest. FSC recognised the role both FSC virgin and reduced paper and timber products play in the protection of the world’s forests.


Sustainable designs & prints from the studio

A few of Leaps print collaborations, all sustainably designed and printed on FSC recycled paper or other planet-friendly recycled materials.

North Devon AONB | Spotters Guide

300 of these brochures were printed using a solar powered printer on Cocoon Preprint and Cocoon Silk, 100% recycled FSC paper which is carbon balanced using vegetable based inks.

By using Cocoon Preprint rather than a non-recycled paper, the environmental impact was reduced through: 177kg diverted from landfill, 26kg carbon saved, 259km of car travel saved, 5,438 litres less water used, 319kWh less energy used and 288kg less wood used.

Liberty Coffee | Business Cards

Made from recycled paper cups supplied by G F Smith Papers. G . F Smith launched Extract, a new paper that aims to rid the planet of the waste generated by disposable coffee cups lined with plastic.

liberty coffee business cards

 Extract takes the disposable cup destined for landfill and transforms them into quality paper. “The paper world doesn’t need another sheet of paper unless it changes things and makes a difference,” says John Haslam, joint managing director of G . F Smith.

Surfers Against Sewage | Plastic Free Coastlines Tool Kit

Printed on recycled algae and FSC paper supplied by Favini and Fenner paper. Favini is a leading, global producer of graphic specialities – natural fibre-based (cellulose, algae, fruits, etc…) – for graphical and packaging applications.

sas plastic free coastlines printShiro Alga Carta is a unique ecological paper which began life in the 1990’s as a way to use the damaging algal blooms of the Venice lagoon. Today the concept has been extended to protect other fragile marine areas.

         sas plastic free coastlines print sas plastic free coastlines print

This process allows the reuse of the pollutant material which is otherwise difficult to dispose. Shiro is a carbon impact free as any emissions generated are fully offset using Verified Carbon Credits.

St Austell Brewery | Passport To Beer Guide

Printed on Gmund Bier paper, made out of 40-60% recycled beer labels,  30-50% totally chlorine free pulp and 5-20% beer fibre. Add in some nice foiling to the front, and we’ve got ourselves a nice little eco-friendly print.

These prints were such a success that with such demand for our passport that we had to print another 2000!

Whether you’re a change-making charity or a business that’s looking to become more planet conscious, our sustainable design studio are happy to support you with environmentally-friendly design and print.


Types of print we’ve done in the past (but not limited to)

  • Business cards
  • Sales brochures, leaflets and tool kits
  • Banners
  • Letterheads & envelopes
  • Labels & packaging
  • Interiors
  • Posters (of all sizes)
  • Infographics
  • Books & magazines
  • Corporate reports
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To talk greening up your businesses print material, contact the studio on 01726 75551 | info@leap.eco

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